Change Management

Is your company or business unit facing these challenges:

  • New customer demands?
  • Fiercer competition?
  • Markets breaking away?
  • Upcoming merger?
  • New technologies?
  • Skill shortage?
  • High staff turnover?

These and other topics give reason to change projects. Change management aims at attaining the following goals:

  • Recapitalisation of the company or business unit
  • Optimising operational processes
  • Cost reduction
  • Using new market potentials
  • Introducing new technologies
  • Fully tapping the employees’ potentials

We support your change management projects:

  • Target planning: What are the hard and soft goals you wish to attain?
  • Organisational analysis: Where does your company currently stand?
  • Change strategy: How do you manage the change process and how do you attain your goals best?
  • Change agents: How do you identify the drivers of change projects in your company?
  • Tools and methods: Which change management instruments are suitable to advance your change project?
  • Forum for communication: How do you shape the target- and solution-oriented dialogue with your employees?
  • Challenges: How do you handle conflicts and crises?
  • Change controlling: How do you control the change process and what makes you realise you’ve attained your goals?

KWuP assists you in the planning, launching, implementation and controlling of your change projects.