An example from our daily business

A company realises that its hitherto embraced corporate policy of filling executive positions mainly with established managers from other companies has considerable drawbacks:

  • Due to a lack of promotion prospects, the company’s own competent junior managers are frustrated and leave the company.
  • An executive search is very costly.
  • Headhunted executives impose high financial requirements to the company.
  • Newly recruited executives are often difficult to integrate and leave the company after just a few months.

Thus, the company turns to KWuP Business Development.

A management development unit is established within the HR department and the position is filled with an experienced business psychologist. Several initiatives are launched:

  • Systematic planning of management succession and high potentials
  • Establishment of a development centre to carry out management assessments aimed at evaluating existing potentials and systematically qualifying young executives
  • Programme for future executives based on several pillars:
    • Qualification modules: leadership, conflict resolution, project management
    • Handling of a business-related project provided by the executive board including a joint project presentation
  • Concomitant coaching during the take-over of the leadership position


  • Executive positions are mainly occupied with managers from within the company (approx. 70 – 75 %)
  • Strengthened retention management, particularly regarding high potentials
  • Reduced fluctuation in management positions
  • Significantly reduced reoccupation costs as executive positions are only filled externally if no competent manager is available within the company

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